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Vital statistics
Kanji Name 芥辺
Gender Male
Age N/A
Status Alive
Occupation Detective
Affiliation Hell, Detective Agency, Demons
First appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Season 1, Episode 1
Ability Demon Contractor
Race Human
Image Gallery

 Akutabe is one of the main protagonists in the anime, a demon contractor and the boss of Sakuma Rinko.

He is currently the contractor of Undine and Mossan II


Akutabe is extremely strict, cruel, and very frightening. He is easily short-tempered and vicious, though he maintains a calm and cold attitude. However, because of his short-temper, all his demons are afraid of him. 

He has however shown to have a more caring side, as stated by Azazel, that he often looks out for Sakuma. This is also shown when Akutabe sends Sakuma out on a job, but then goes and checks on the job himself first to see if Sakuma could handle it. 


Akutabe has spiky black hair and wears a black suit with a black tie. He has brownish/greyish colored eyes, though in the anime, when he gets angry his eyes turn into a glowing large red dot or maybe even purple. He has no visible eyebrows. He has an evil and mysterious looking face.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Contractor Edit

As a contractor he is able to interact, see and summon all kind of demons.


Akutabe has an incredible force making it possible for him to kill and torture demons without touching them, and even able to break through diferent dimensions with only punchs and kicks.


Since he is a detective he has a great ability for deducting, and he can figure out the use of demons as azazel or undine which seem to be useless, to carry out his work.

Solomon Ring Edit

Solomon Ring is a restricting force, restricting a summoned demons power. This also results in their appearance being much smaller and less threatening.

Other abilitiesEdit

Akutabe seems to have an terrifying presence able to disturb animals and deny the evil of any demon, even the demon of violence moloch is scared of him.

In addition, any attempts of attacks directed towards him will only end in spectacular yet horrifying failure as shown when Akutabe deflected one of Beelzebub's curses by simply batting it aside with his fist.


  • His first name is still unknown.
  • He has shown to be more powerfull and terrifying than other people or even demons
  • Ironically he is one of the main characters and also the less developed in the series
  • He shares the seiyuu of rock in the Black Lagoon franchise
  • The seiyuu of Akutabe also does the voice of narrator and sometimes uses Hisoka voice from Hunter x Hunter
  • Mossan II, discover his identity and become terrified of it that his hair turn from black to white.

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