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Vital statistics
Romaji Name Beelzebub
Kanji Name ベルゼブブ
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Occupation Demon Contractee
Affiliation Royal Family, Hell, Akutabe, Detective Agency, Sakuma
Sacrifice Feces, curry
First appearance
Anime Debut Season 1, Episode 2
Ability Reveal
Race Demon
Image Gallery

Beelzebub is a fly demon who sometimes aids Sakuma and Akutabe in their investigations. He is a childhood friend of Azazel and Moloch, as well as a member of a royal family known as the Beelzebub clan.


Though he is a fly demon, (Beelzebub: Lord of the Flies) he has the appearance of a white penguin in his chibi form. He has blond parted hair that curls at each end, a small crown with red jewels in it, a blue coat with a frilled shirt and vest underneath, and a bowtie to top it all off. He also possesses two fly-like wings on his back. It appears that his flippers are either a part of the coat or the coat merely extends over them.


Beelzebub is an extremely proud and arrogant individual. He often brags about the extent of the clan's "pride and joy" spell, that being to induce defecation, though he also loves drawing attention to his other abilities. He is also quite defensive in nature, acting enraged when someone makes fun of his clan's "delecacy" (feces), as well as insulting anyone who "doesn't understand such refined tastes". He is also quite mischievous, often thinking up plots and such to torment Sakuma and Azazel. When threatened, he can take on a very timid and traitorous side, willing to give up the life of even his friends in order to save his neck from deadly threats such as Akutabe. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Beelzebub's special ability lies with the power of Reveal, which causes a person to show their true self, including their personality, motives as well as cause them to give information. Using Reveal, Beelzebub can turn virtually anyone into the image of what they truly are.

Forced DefecationEdit

An extent of the abilities of Reveal is to induce defecation in people, thus "revealing their insides". Beelzebub claims this ability to be the pride and joy of the clan, as feces is also the clan's delicacy. Though vulgar and in bad taste, the ability does have various good uses to it.


Beelzebub is somehow able to cause an armor to appear on his head, capable of repelling attacks from other demons such as Azazel. He is also capable of causing his arm to light up with energy, which acts as a form of blade. It is unknown what the extent of this ability is.

Beelzebub True Form

Final FormEdit

This is apparently Beelzebub's ultimate form, which is that of a gargantuan fly. In this form, he has the capability to emit a monstrous amount of abrasive bad breath, and can fly at higher speeds. He even has the capability to rival the demon Lucifer in this stage, who is known for being a top-class demon.


  • When not eating feces, his favorite food is curry. He is very zealous when it comes to curry, preferring it in its "purest" form.
  • Beelzebub is listed as one of the 7 princes of hell, representing "Gluttony".

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