Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Status Dead
Occupation Pure Angel "Baby"
Affiliation Heaven, God
First appearance
Anime Debut Season 2, Episode 5
Ability N/A
Race Angel
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A third angel sent to collect grimoires. He tried to get close to Undine by user her love to his advantage but failed. He did something a angel of his rank shouldn't do "kiss someone" in this case Undine and because of this God punished him and he passed away.

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Trivia Edit

  • Due to a strict law imposed on angels, he cannot help mortals in need despite his righteous nature and can only act as an observer. Also of note is that they cannot help even themselves if a human is the one tormenting them.
  • The only time angels are permitted to help humans is if a demon is involved, in which case they will take its grimoire back to heaven.