Incubus Full Front

Incubus Demon

Vital statistics
Romaji Name Inkyubesu
Kanji Name インキュバス
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Occupation Demon Contractee,
Affiliation Detective Agency, Sakuma, Hell
Sacrifice Sliced Raw Meat
First appearance
Anime Debut Season 2, Episode 11
Ability Tempation
Race Demon
Image Gallery

Incubus was the demon who's book was in the museum that Akutabe Detective Agency helped protect, Akutabe stole the book to get a new demon and to protect it from those who would use it for evil. Sakuma made a contract with him and has used him inplace of Azazel without trouble.

He looks up to Azazel and calls his master, even getting involved in a plot by Kiyoko to pretend to become a villain so that Azazel can awaken his true power, though maybe also partly because his meek personality. He seems to gets bullied by others easily and seems timid.


Chibi FormEdit

Incubus's chibi form is a small sheep with bat wings, and cat-like features . He also wears sheep wool as clothing held up by stripped suspenders that match his wings and wool on his head,wrists and tail which he can take off.

Hell FormEdit

Incubus's Hell form is that of a thin human boy with white hair yellow Ram-like horns, demon wings and white wool covered satyr legs . He has a small tuft of white hair on his chest.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Incubus, also being a demon of lust, has similar powers to Azazel and took over for him when he didnt want to be summoned.

He has the ability to put people to sleep and uses his abilities to manipulate dreams to make them dream of the person they find most desirable , making them captives of the dream.