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Lucifer Koala


Vital statistics
Romaji Name Lucifer
Kanji Name ルシフェル
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Occupation Demon Contractee
Affiliation Royal Family, Hell, Senba Tomiko
Sacrifice Grass, Eucalyptus
First appearance
Anime Debut OVA 3
Ability Rewind Time
Race Demon
Image Gallery

Lucifer is a koala bear demon who has a contract with Tomiko Senba. He is also known as "Bringer of Light" or "Morning Star", he used to be a angel adore by God but was cast down to earth due to he wanted to overthrow God.


Chibi Form Edit

Lucifer has the appearance of a koala bear in his chibi form. He has gray hair and no shirt and wear black pants and sunglasses.

Hell Form Edit

In his Hell form he also has a black cape and some tattoos on his body.


Lucifer is an extremely proud and arrogant individual. But he is seen to be scared of Akutabe, to the point were he peed himself.[1] 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Lucifer Final Form

Rewind TimeEdit

Lucifers's special ability lies with the power of rewinding time, which can cause anything to turn back to the way it used to. This is shown when he fixed his phone. It also can make humans appear younger, which he does to Tomiko.

Final FormEdit

This is apparently Lucifer's ultimate form, which is that of a gargantuan dragon. He appears to have a rival relationship with Beelzebub.


  • He likes to eat eucalyptus and grass.
  • Lucifer is listed as one of the 7 princes of hell, representing "Pride" the most serious of the 7 cardinal sins.

References Edit

  1. OVA 3

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